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  • Oscar Barraza

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Assisted Content Stamp


Welcome to Barraza Productions!

As A.I. rush integrates with our tech-dependent everyday lives, WE at Barraza Productions believe in providing our members "informed content origin(s)" on all our creative works and partnerships.

While the sociopolitical landscape continues to discuss A.I. safeguards, inclusive but not limited to intellectual property, Barraza Productions will temporarily apply an Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Assisted Content (AIAC) stamp for any direct or indirect A.I. assisted content contained herein. Our dynamic ecosystem may prove the stamp to be a futile and outdated effort at the time of this post, nonetheless our organization will continue its usage as standards and best practices continue to envelope. Thank you for your time!

No Human or A.I. was harmed in the making of this disclaimer….I hope



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